What is the strain of the free weed seeds?

The strain of the free pot seeds will shift habitually, now and then from everyday. That is the reason we can not reveal to you which strain for the free pot seeds you will get specifically. In spite of the fact that we can state that it is one of the normal strains we offer in our seed shop.

Where do you get your cannabis strains from?

We have assembled relations with driving reproducers in the course of the most recent decade. We always test the nature of the pot seeds in a joint effort with these reproducers. Because of security issues we can’t distribute any raiser points of interest.

Do all feminized seeds progress toward becoming feminized plants?

All feminized seeds are hereditary female. These days, escalated rearing projects ensured the feminized seeds are 100{47cb05d0079c007f055aaa609d9745b7561a46ab33b7205d48bea9acb7aa9fe3} steady, predictable and gainful.

What are auto-flower pot seeds?

Auto flower pot seeds will develop into plants which specifically begin to blossom while developing. No compelling reason to change light cycles or whatever else what so ever. A simple and compensating method for developing weed plants. Developing auto-flower outside can create at least two gathers per year. Becoming inside these auto-flower maryjane seeds will completely develop in 10 weeks.


Do you transport around the world? We do send around the world, however the control and execution in regard to a portion of the items we offer regularly fluctuate from nation to nation. We accordingly encourage you to make request about the directions that influence your area. Consequently, Cannabis Seed Shop can deplorably acknowledge no obligation regarding items captured or lost in travel in the event that you submit a request for an item to be sent to a nation where it is unlawful. How does Conveyance Certification function? Our conveyance ensure implies we do everything to get your request conveyed. On the off chance that your request got lost by one means or another (which entirely occurs) we will resend the request in a different stealthy bundled manner. Since we both will approach the track and hint of the bundle we can determine what occurred. In the event that it appears to be difficult to get your request conveyed we will discount the cash. Q: Would you say you are a trick? Is this notwithstanding without a doubt?

A: We have possessed the capacity to keep up an amazing notoriety by listening in on others’ conversations promoting, and unfaltering rehash customer base as a private, welcome just site. We have chosen to go out on a limb an and now let the overall population in USA/Canada/Australia/UK arrange off of us.

Q: Has anybody been captured from requesting? A: We are glad to state nobody has been captured from requesting from us. Be that as it may, there is constantly potential hazard included. We additionally don’t transport any amounts bigger than what is posted on your item page to help check any potential issues, if this were to ever emerge.

Q: Do you need to utilize your genuine name while putting in a request? An: In the event that you utilize a phony name at that point pick something genuine like: “Jason Smith” Requests that have names like: “A.Z.” Look suspicious and some of the time wont be conveyed. Maintain your control little enough to fit inside your normal letter box. If not, you will get a “For Get” slip which will expect you to go lift it up. In the event that you don’t have distinguishing proof it wont have the capacity to be gotten.